Snapshots and Memories

I really like when the Daily Prompt requires a picture; some days it makes the posting so much easier!

Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there . Tell us the story of that photo.

When I opened my “photo album” on my laptop, this is the picture I saw first.  It is a picture from my childhood, I’m venturing that I was about 3 years-old given the date on the side says 1967.  Judging from the little white reindeer next to my sister Judy on the couch, I am guess it was around Christmas some time.  It also looks as if we were at a grandparent’s house–that is not a lamp I recall in my childhood home!

What I like about the picture is our dresses.  I loved wearing jumpers!  Little girls were in dresses and tights more often back in the 60’s than I think they are now. Today, I want to thank whoever took that picture.  I’m told that you can occasionally still see that little look of innocence in my eyes.

kelly at 3





2 thoughts on “Snapshots and Memories

  1. Somehow I missed your blog yesterday. What a great picture you found. It brought back such good memories. Thanks for sharing it. Love you, Mom


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