Just One More Snap(shot)

I guess I’m completely obsessed now with this prompt for the Weekly Photo Challenge; if three posts for the same prompt can be considered obsessed.

I was looking through pictures on my laptop for some to send to a co-worker for an upcoming publication.  She asked if I had any from the recent Annual Walk that we do in the Spring.  I trolled through what I had and thought this one would fit the bill for the Challenge.

It rained the day of the Walk.  Not just a few drops here or there, but full-on, down pouring rain for three hours.  All through the set up of tents, the 5k run, games for the kids, a check presentation; it rained and rained, but people kept coming! Not as many as in the years before but enough to keep it interesting and to raise over $80,000!

My Thank You today is for the souls who braved the weather to make our day such a success!  After all the sun came out as soon as we’d finished the clean-up!


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