Nieces and Nephews

mommy and me
Sandra and Lily

Looking at Facebook has become a part of my daily before dinner routine. I like to see what’s going on with friends and family. I typically find out some tidbit of news, see a picture to make me smile, or find someone’s posted a quote that gives me pause. I count myself among the lucky whose family members actually accept my friend requests on the site–there are actually some people out there who don’t get along with their families.

dan wedding
Casey, Dan, Emily, Alison, Jeff
Abbie Emily Tim
Abbie, Emily, Tim

I have fourteen nieces and nephews, and one great-niece and one great-nephew. Mind you, I have more than a few siblings so this number is not really that unusual. They range in age from 4 months to 36 years old, and every one of them has gift or talent unique to each. They are: moms, dads, students, teachers, brew masters, managers, musicians, athletes, actors, bakers, artists, writers, singers, and few–well, we’re not sure yet what their special gift will be, but they will all make their mark. We are truly a blessed family.

max and zach
Zach and Max
Phil, Liam, Eric

Tonight, as I scrolled down the many postings, a picture of my nephew Mike caught my eye, he turned 22 this week and he is in Alaska! When Mike was a little boy I stayed at my sister’s house quite a bit because I was temp-ing at a law firm in Hartford. He was probably about 4 years old or so; he did not like going down to the basement unless a light was on or he knew someone was down there. I slept down there on the fold-out couch and Mike served as my alarm clock most mornings. He would stand at the top of the 13-step staircase and yell, “Auntie Kelly, it’s time to get up.” If I did not answer within a few seconds I would hear, “AUNT. EEEE. MOM SAID IT. IS. TIME. TO. GET. UP!” I could not hit the snooze button on this alarm clock!

Mike, all grown up!
laura and mike little
Mike and his big sister Laura

I’m not sure who gets the thanks on this one, my brothers and sisters for having them, or my nieces and nephews for being so terrific!?

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