The First One Hundred Days!

What to write about?¬† Firsts?¬† One hundreds? ¬†Perseverance, firmness, resolve, determination, fortitude; any or all of which it takes to get through 100 days of something.¬† And where do we find our strength to live up to a commitment like writing every day for entire year, 365 days in a row; regardless of what else … Continue reading The First One Hundred Days!

It Can Happen In Church, Too!

Historically, today, All Saints Day, is a holy day of obligation in the church. As a kid I could recite each of these days of mandatory attendance at mass, because they were emblazoned on our brains through constant repetition as we memorized our Baltimore Catechism. I looked them up just now on Google, and sure … Continue reading It Can Happen In Church, Too!

Nieces and Nephews

Looking at Facebook has become a part of my daily before dinner routine. I like to see what's going on with friends and family. I typically find out some tidbit of news, see a picture to make me smile, or find someone's posted a quote that gives me pause. I count myself among the lucky … Continue reading Nieces and Nephews

Repetition is the Mother of Learning

Repetition is the mother of learning; or so I recall being told on more than one occasion during my childhood. Repetition was certainly the mother of learning your catechism in a Catholic family when I was a kid. Weekday afternoons, usually a Monday or Tuesday, I remember my mom taking us to our catechism classes … Continue reading Repetition is the Mother of Learning