The First One Hundred Days!

What to write about?  Firsts?  One hundreds?  Perseverance, firmness, resolve, determination, fortitude; any or all of which it takes to get through 100 days of something.  And where do we find our strength to live up to a commitment like writing every day for entire year, 365 days in a row; regardless of what else is going on, how tired we are, how much all we want to do is crawl into bed and cover our heads and not come out for a very long time.  Where you ask…from a role model.  A role model you say?  Indeed.ry=400

IMom and Andyf anyone could teach me not only about perseverance, but also being graceful in the face of adversity, it would be Mary Lou, my mom.  Mother of eight, grandmother to…we’ve lost count; wife, sister, friend; room mother, Girl Scout leader, CCD teacher, chauffeur, baker, seamstress, quilter, church leader, choir member, volunteer, cookbook editor, Biscuit ‘n Puff-er, retail store manager, medical assistant, talking Christmas tree, office manager–I probably have forgotten something.

On this 100th day of blogging I couldn’t think of anyone else more appropriate to thank than my Mom.  Throughout my life, she’s pushed when I needed to be pushed, hugged when I needed to be hugged, and consistently reminded me who I am.  For you Mom…


I am a beloved daughter of the Father.  A woman of honor and dignity, and no one can take that from me. 

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