Pride & Joy, Prized Possessions

I'd like to think that I don't really put too much value in having "things" as I get older.  Maybe its age, wisdom, or my brush with cancer; or maybe it's having two cats that run around the house willy-nilly and have broken several of my favorite knickknacks.   Over the years I've collected music boxes, rocking chairs, and pieces … Continue reading Pride & Joy, Prized Possessions

Sweet Sixteen: A Daily Writing Prompt

I don't think I was quite like other 16-year olds.  I didn't want a sweet sixteen party, that wasn't the tradition in our family.  I wanted a rocking chair.  Yes, a sixteen year old girl wanted a rocking chair; by that time I was already and Auntie and taking care of little ones and a … Continue reading Sweet Sixteen: A Daily Writing Prompt