Pride & Joy, Prized Possessions


I’d like to think that I don’t really put too much value in having “things” as I get older.  Maybe its age, wisdom, or my brush with cancer; or maybe it’s having two cats that run around the house willy-nilly and have broken several of my favorite knickknacks.   Over the years I’ve collected music boxes, rocking chairs, and pieces of my brother-in-law’s beautiful pottery.  I’ve treasured many of these things and had them decorating my homes over the years, but there are not many “things” I’d describe as prized.

Today when I read the writing prompt I thought, there is one thing that if  I could choose only one to keep forever, it would be my engagement ring.  Or as my husband likes to call it, his boat–he was saving ring 1for a boat but bought me a ring instead.  He asked my parents for permission to marry me and showed them the ring a whole week before he popped the question.   

I know, it’s a sweet story.  It’s why I do, and will always, consider it my pride and joyThank you Steve, for giving up your boat to buy me this breathtaking ring.

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