Pick Me Up: Teachers Rock!

Two birds with one stone again today…I like it when this happens!

teachers rockIt’s National Teacher Appreciation Day, and the prompt for today is: What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it? 

The absolute first thing that popped into my head is:  Teachers Rock!

Totally, they do!  Being a teacher is an awesome responsibility and I’m not so sure they get thanked often enough.  I know that not every teacher is a “good” teacher, but honoring the profession of teaching is my intention in this post. 

Day in – day out, bar none, teaching is one of the toughest professions on earth.   Infant and toddler child care teachers (yes, they are teachers) right up through college professors; every level of the educational food chain has distinct challenges.  I myself, have taught from preschool through college level students and there is not one level that is “easier” than another, trust me.

future teachToday I want to thank TEACHERS:  the ones that taught me, the ones I have taught, the ones who taught my grandchildren…and the ones who teach all of us every day, that to be a teacher is to touch the future.  TEACHERS ROCK!

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