Cinco de Mayo = My Cancerversary

cake for cancer

Three years ago today, my thyroid–cancerous nodules and all, was removed.  During the “whole body scan” a few months later there were no errant tumor cells and the tumor marker in my blood work came back negative.  Throughout the last 266 days of blogging, I’ve thanked many of the people who had some role in my diagnosis, treatment, on-going care, as well as general support.  I’m sure I haven’t thanked everyone by name, that would be a huge task.  However, as my husband and I were talking about my cancerversary this morning I was reminded about one person who played a uniquely supportive role on May 5, 2011.

While my husband and mother sat waiting patiently, I’m sure trying to find something to talk about as a mother and son-in-law will do; there was someone keeping them updated on my progress.  I had no idea she was doing this, of course, and wasn’t told until a few days later (at least I don’t remember being told until days later).  It wasn’t a doctor or nurse that sat with my husband and mom, it was a technician from the O.R.  Apparently, she went in and out several times with news that things were going well and there was nothing to worry about.  While they would worry until they saw me in the recovery room, what a blessing it must have been for Steve and Mom to see a friendly face and calm voice.

My husband’s friend Dennis’ wife was that person three years ago.  Today, I’d like to thank Kelly Ford for doing what no one else really could that day.  Happy Cinco de Mayo, Kelly!


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