Saved by The Bell — Or Braces

Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation at the very last minute.

Swearing was not something we did in our house growing up. I didn’t even know the “F” word existed until I was in my teens, but once I learned it, it quickly became one of my favorites! Getting caught using the that kind of language was not something you wanted to have happen, ever.

Two of my sisters and I had our bedrooms downstairs when we were teenagers and like any good sisters we argued, a lot. At the time I had braces on my teeth, and found I would regularly get the inside of my cheek caught on a wire that protruded from a molar on the left side of my mouth. All these years later, I can still feel the scar tissue built up with the tip of my tongue.

metal-bracesAs the story goes, there was a particular day when I was having an argument with one of my sisters. We were quite loud apparently, because our Mom came downstairs to see what was going on. Just as I was yelling “F#*! you” at one of my sisters, Mom came around the corner. Not wanting to incur what I knew would be some punishment, I grabbed my cheek saying loudly, “Ow, my braces are ripping my cheek!” Quickly, I ran past my Mom and sisters up the stairs to the bathroom. I’m sure someone had to pay the price for the profanity but it wasn’t going to be me!

When I came back downstairs to my room, if I remember correctly, one of my sisters (if not both) had been assigned the blame. I don’t know how I got away without having to take any of the responsibility; so, today’s thank you goes out to Judy and Nancy for taking the hit (and never letting me forget about it).

Saved By the Bell





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