My Sister, Sue

I will, at some point, over the course of the 365 days of this blog, post about each of my family members in one way or another.  I’ve already begun by posting about my Auntie Tina, my brothers-in-law Jon and Paul, and my brother David.  In case you don’t know I have numerous brothers, sisters, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.  I have plenty to write about given that each of my family members has touched my life.  Today, as I’m sitting waiting for inspiration to coming knocking, I am compelled to write about my sister Sue.

memeSue is five years older than I am and I’ve always looked up to her.  Well, maybe not always.  As a kid, when you’re consistently compared to a sibling, “oh you look just like…”, it can get old.  But as we get older those comparisons become compliments.  I realized I actually wanted to be like my sister when I grew up I was in my late twenties.

sistersplusoneOur parents had just recently divorced and we were coming up on the first set of holidays when things were going to be very different from what we’d known for the prior 33 years.  Where would Thanksgiving be? Who would cook the turkey?  Things were going to change; and I’ll be honest, at the time, I was none too pleased about it.  Thanksgiving at Sue and Paul’s that year was the first Olson-Wishart Thanksgiving, a tradition that has continued every year since.  Regardless of how many people, 10 or 40; there is always room for one more, always a welcome feeling, always lots of laughter, food and good spirits.  There is acknowledgement of challenges and successes over the previous year.  My sister handles it all with boundless grace.  It’s by far my favorite holiday of the year!

weddingsue and Kelly weddingEight years ago this Thanksgiving I got married.  I asked my sister Sue to be my maid of honor.  I remember when I went over to her house one Saturday morning, with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand, to ask her to stand up for me.  As the person I look up to most for so many things about how to live life, it was important to me that I have her support.  She cried and said yes.  She was the best maid of honor ever– a terrific bridal shower, a wonderful experience dress shopping, and even holding my dress up when I needed to use the ladies’ room at the reception.

olson clanTo say that she’s worked hard, is a great mom, a loving Meme, a supportive sister, and dedicated daughter; would be to understate, underestimate, and under represent her life and all that she’s done so far.  Not just for me, but for everyone she’s touched throughout her life.  Thank you, Sue.  I love you.

4 thoughts on “My Sister, Sue

  1. I finally had a chance to read and catch up on your blog. Thank you for your wonderful writing. Thank you also for your wonderful words on a previous post about my brother Paul. Nan enjoyed reading and boasting about it too. Your sister Sue is such a wonderful person. I love having her as my sister-in-law and being connected to your big beautiful family. Thank you for your post and for including all those great pictures.


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