Judy, Judy, Judy (Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy)

My sister Judy and I used to date; each other.  For quite some time, throughout much of our 30's in fact, we were each single.  Some on-line dating efforts proved occasionally to be fruitful but nothing so long-term that we had to give up our shopping, movies and dinner dates.  We accompanied each other to … Continue reading Judy, Judy, Judy (Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy)

It’s All About the Hair

For some girls it certainly is about "the hair".  Excessive amounts of time and money spent on cuts, color, perms, straightening, weaves, extensions...you name it!  I've never been one to spend much time or money on my hair.  I go to a local Supercuts or Hair Cuttery about 7 or 8 times a year.  I … Continue reading It’s All About the Hair

My Sister, Sue

I will, at some point, over the course of the 365 days of this blog, post about each of my family members in one way or another.  I've already begun by posting about my Auntie Tina, my brothers-in-law Jon and Paul, and my brother David.  In case you don't know I have numerous brothers, sisters, … Continue reading My Sister, Sue

Roast Beef Dinner, My Fourth Grade Teacher, and Pumpkin Ice Cream

Tonight Steve and I went to the Riverside Congregational Church's annual Roast Beef Dinner. It's named for my brother-in-law's late father, Bob Olson. We arrived after the serving had begun and walked into Bristol Hall. Five long rows of tables end to end, lined with white plastic table cloths and chairs running down either side. The … Continue reading Roast Beef Dinner, My Fourth Grade Teacher, and Pumpkin Ice Cream

A Guilty Pleasure

Everyone's got a guilty pleasure or two; chocolate, ice cream, shoes, bubble baths. One of my is the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress. It's on Friday nights and I've been known to sit and watch for several episodes in a row. When our grandchildren lived with us the younger one would like to … Continue reading A Guilty Pleasure