A Guilty Pleasure

Everyone’s got a guilty pleasure or two; chocolate, ice cream, shoes, bubble baths. One of my is the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress. It’s on Friday nights and I’ve been known to sit and watch for several episodes in a row. When our grandchildren lived with us the younger one would like to sit and watch the princesses with me. Tonight I got to thinking about my own wedding dress…

My sisters, Mom, and Aunt met me at the Wishing Well Bridal shop in East Providence, it wasn’t our first trip to the shop since I was not the first to get married. The salon is run by a group of sisters whose parents opened the shop over 50 years ago and have since passed away. The seamstress too, is a lovely Polish woman, though not one of the sisters, who has worked for the shop for years and was brilliant!

I’ve never really enjoyed shopping but I had a general idea of what an idea of what style I’d like and what I’d be comfortable wearing. Others of course also had an opinion about what might look good and flatter me best; we started going through the racks of dresses. Much like the TV show, there is someone to help you to put on the dress and take you out to the mirrored area and up onto a pedestal. It didn’t take more than three dresses, in fact I chose the second, to find my wedding dress. I felt pretty, confident…like a bride!

The women who owned the shop, whose family name escapes me completely but it sounded remarkably like my own, were some of the most professional, knowledgeable and accommodating I’d ever met. Each bride-to-be had the complete attention of one of the sisters to plow through the process of stepping in and out of dresses, hoisting them up, and tucking and fastening whatever needed to be tucked or fastened, to get a complete picture of the dress once on. Just like in the tv show, I knew which one was “mine” the moment I saw it in the mirror–and so did everyone else.

wedding dayI’d very much like to thank these lovely ladies of the Wishing Well Bridal shop for helping this bride say Yes to the Dress!

2 thoughts on “A Guilty Pleasure

  1. Your writing has been a joy to follow. The joy in your eyes dancing with your husband in YOUR dress makes the piece complete. Peace Out


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