It’s All About the Hair

For some girls it certainly is about “the hair”.  Excessive amounts of time and money spent on cuts, color, perms, straightening, weaves, extensions…you name it!  I’ve never been one to spend much time or money on my hair.  I go to a local Supercuts or Hair Cuttery about 7 or 8 times a year.  I trim my own bangs and color my own hair.  I get as many complements on what I do myself as others do after spending time in the salon chair and shelling out far more than the cost of my cut and box of color from CVS.

The one thing I could not do on my own though, was my wedding day hair.  I’d made sure that I kept my hair long for the big day, eight years ago, so that there would be options.  I was lucky enough to find that a coworker at the time (Jo), was also a hair dresser part-time.  We practiced several times before the big day and decided on what you see in the picture in this post.  It was difficult to see on my own even with the big mirror in my room at the Biltmore and the hand-held mirror positioned by Jo to show me her creation.  I was so happy that the photographer took a picture!

Today’s thank you is to Jo for doing my wedding hair, she did Sue’s too;  her talent and patience was amazing!

wedding hair kelly sue and kelly hair

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