Roast Beef Dinner, My Fourth Grade Teacher, and Pumpkin Ice Cream

Olson GalsTonight Steve and I went to the Riverside Congregational Church’s annual Roast Beef Dinner. It’s named for my brother-in-law’s late father, Bob Olson. We arrived after the serving had begun and walked into Bristol Hall. Five long rows of tables end to end, lined with white plastic table cloths and chairs running down either side. The tables were set with the plates, bowls, and flatware that are used by all of the special events at the church. My sister, playing one of hostesses for the event, showed us to seats near the rest of the Olson clan.

Meme Lily and AlfinoI sat down next to Bob Olson’s sister and her husband, known to us as Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jack. We played catch up with the plates and bowls that had already been passed, family style, down the lengthy table. As we ate I chatted with Ellen about kids and grandkids and the weather. Then she turned to me and said, I think I met someone who said they were your teacher. I was intrigued and after some digging we find out that indeed, in true Rhode Island fashion, she knows my fourth grade teacher!

Lily and NanWhen it seemed like everyone had had their fill of roast beef and mashed potatoes, one of the gentlemen who’d organized the event was taking orders for the dessert — cake and pumpkin ice cream. Pumpkin ice cream, it was absolutely as good as it sounds! It was made by Paul, the same man who had asked if we wanted dessert. I made sure to tell him how fantastic it was as we were leaving for the night.

Steve and I were married at the Church eight years ago this month. We go to the church for special occasions and find we enjoy ourselves every time. On the way home Steve mentioned how much he enjoys going to “small town” type of events like this, it makes him feel connected to a community. What I love about going to events at the Riverside Congregational Church, is that I always feel so welcomed by everyone who greets me. I am thankful today for the sense of connectedness and familiarity!RCC

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