Sunday Morning: Joel Osteen or Spongebob?

sunday-morning-iconWhether we identify them as such or not, we all probably have a Sunday morning ritual. When I was living single, my Sunday morning routine included a cup of hot coffee, pancakes for one, and reading the Sunday paper; classifieds first, then the wedding notices, and finally the coupons. I’ve continued with variations on the theme even after I got married with the addition of watching the CBS Sunday Morning.

joelSunday mornings with my husband took an interesting turn when one of Steve’s acquaintances introduced us to Joel Osteen. Yep, the television preacher with the good hair. His first book had just come out when we started watching; and his popularity has clearly exploded since then. Regardless of whether we are home or out-of-town, Sunday morning is reserved for watching Joel.

Surrounded by bottom feedersWhen the grandkids lived with us they quickly became part of the 8:30 a.m. Sunday-morning-sit-down. All three of them, even the 4-year old, would sit listening, quietly, the entire time. Was it the promise of scrambled eggs and bacon at 9:00? More likely it was the promise of Sponge Bob Square Pants on Nickelodeon. Regardless, the message they heard during that time of quiet and sitting together on the couch with us, was one they’d talk about for at least a day or two. I hope, maybe beyond all hope, that every so often the grandkids might still tune in on Sunday mornings and remember the time we spent watching together.

Today’s thank you is for the my husband’s friend who told us about Joel Osteen and encouraged us to watch him. We’ve read some of his books, listened to his sermons on CD, and shared the information with others. Here’s the sermon from two weeks ago, one that really resonated with me. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning: Joel Osteen or Spongebob?

    • He does smile all the time. The only time I’ve seen him with no pearly whites showing was in an interview on television, it may have been on 60 Minutes. Glad you enjoyed the post.


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