Welcome Back from Your Vacation

When you’re on vacation, does someone do your work for you? Are there little elves who take up residence at your desk and answer your email and phone messages? Is anyone considerate enough to check your mailbox to sort through and prioritize what you should address first when you settle back in on Monday morning after 9 days away? Me either!

So tonight, as I’m trying to find a thank-you to offer in this post, let’s give this a whirl. Throughout the day I was greeted by everyone who knew I was out last week: “How was your vacation?” “Did you relax?” “Are you happy to be back?” My answers: “Good.” “Yes.” “Not so much.” Within two hours my carefully planned week had been turned upside down by the need to conduct two separate investigations into possible employee conduct issues–boo, not my favorite, at all.

laughter_is_the_best_medicine1In the midst of discussing one of the incidents with two of the managers we started giggling; thank goodness my office door was shut. The topic of the conversation is not one I can share with you, but suffice it to say the giggle-fest was just what I needed to get through my first day back. So, today’s thank you goes out to the two lovely ladies who shared the laughter with me today. Cheers, everyone!

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