Hillary (No, not that one…)

…Although, I remember her saying once when she was making a reservation at a restaurant, she gave the name Hillary and they thought it was Hillary Clinton.  True story.


Today I was sitting at my desk and got a call from the front desk.

Elizabeth: “Kelly, you have a delivery of eggs down here.”

Me:  “What, now?”

Elizabeth:  “Yes, I said eggs.  A delivery of eggs.” 

Me:  “Okay.”

When I got down the two flights of stairs to the reception desk, I looked at a Elizabeth and said, “Really?”  She handed me a cardboard dozen-sized box that had been ripped in half and had six large, fresh from her chickens, eggs inside.  Along with it was a small envelope containing a note.  Upon opening it I found it was from my lively, lovely, captivating, creative, friend, Hillary!

One of my favorite pictures of Hillary!
One of my favorite pictures of Hillary!

I met Hillary when we worked together several years ago.  During the three years we worked together, we each faced some challenges in our personal lives; fertility issues, life changing diagnosis, relationships struggles, among other things.  We found friendship and support from each other.  Following my unceremonious layoff from the job where we’d met, we’ve kept in touch, thanks in great part to Facebook.  Messages and postings, pictures and poems, and the occasional opportunities we create to meet for lunch or coffee; keep us connected to one and other.

kel and hilOne of the things Hillary does better than most anyone I know, she is unapologetic.  I don’t mean that she won’t say sorry if she needs to, but, she will not apologize for living her life as completely as possible, and on her own terms.  I hope that as our friendship carries on that I will continue to learn from her about living life gracefully as she does. I’m grateful that she has chosen to include me in her circle of friends.  Thank you, Hillary.

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