Better Said Than I Could Have

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, frankly the entire interweb is teeming with all things Veterans’ Day; as it should be!  One of my Facebook friends, who I wrote about the other day, posted her take on the day.  I’m not saying it’s any more sincere than all the other thank you’s that I’ve read today, but what struck me is the honesty of the gratitude. I don’t think I could do any better a job of offering my appreciation to our country’s armed forces.

hillary thank to vetsI don’t believe in war.  I do believe in freedom.  Whether I think killing to encourage it makes a whole lotta sense does not diminish my gratitude for those who’ve fought in its name.  Putting oneself in harm’s way to protect a people and their ideals is indeed the ultimate sacrifice, and the magnitude of that sacrifice humbles me.  Thank you.”

Whether or not you “believe in” how the government defends our country, you cannot argue that the men and women who ensure our freedom deserve our thanks.  Not just today, every day; in the grocery store, the mall, at church, as you walk by on the sidewalk.  It does not have to be a holiday to thank someone, but if you have not taken the time to ever thank a veteran for his or her service, do it.  Today!

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