Coco Love Letter #2

It was an incredibly long day for me today and the will to blog is limited.  However, I will not disappoint myself, or anyone else for that matter by not posting.  This is the 90th of my 365 posts; that feels good!

Today’s thank you goes out to my younger granddaughter, Coco.  We don’t hear from her or her siblings as often as we’d like, but when we do…it makes my day!  Coco is six years old and loves to make pictures.  Yesterday in the mail we got what I like to call a Coco Love Letter.

 Heart personHalloween love 2

Like many kids in this age group Coco’s pictures are colorful, to say the least.  She seems to enjoy making people out of heart shapes.  I sure wish this one hadn’t gotten wet somewhere between Phoenix and Warwick; but you can see that indeed, it was doused by something making its way across the country.  In my mind it makes it even more special!

Thank you Coco, Grandma loves you too!

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