Angela, Part One

Cococard1 Oct 4Today, my husband and I got a letter in the mail from Arizona.  More specifically, from our 6 year old granddaughter in Phoenix.  I’ve mentioned before that our three grandchildren lived with us for a period of time a bit over a year ago.  We’ve done our best to keep in touch with them, initially through phone calls and packages; and now, through the less frequent Facebook messages and (two) letters from the youngest.

Coco card2 Oct 4The relationship we have with the kids’ mother, my stepdaughter, is more than just a little strained–for a variety of reasons.  Since I have another blog where I’m hoping to reveal that journey, I won’t go into much more here.  What I would like to share with you is today’s delivery from Coco, in an envelope that was clearly addressed by her mother.

Thank you, Angela, for sending this beautiful letter.

Coco envelope

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