The Wanderer: Daily Prompt

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO! I'm not a traveler by nature, never really been bitten by the bug. There are places I'd like to see, though. In no particular order they are: Ireland; to find out about my ancestors Hawaii; to see the pineapple plantations and volcanic … Continue reading The Wanderer: Daily Prompt

Coco Love Letter #2

It was an incredibly long day for me today and the will to blog is limited.  However, I will not disappoint myself, or anyone else for that matter by not posting.  This is the 90th of my 365 posts; that feels good! Today's thank you goes out to my younger granddaughter, Coco.  We don't hear … Continue reading Coco Love Letter #2

Angela, Part One

Today, my husband and I got a letter in the mail from Arizona.  More specifically, from our 6 year old granddaughter in Phoenix.  I've mentioned before that our three grandchildren lived with us for a period of time a bit over a year ago.  We've done our best to keep in touch with them, initially … Continue reading Angela, Part One