One Workout Away

I went to the gym yesterday.  I haven't been in months and haven't been regularly in a several years.  Finally, I feel like going; I'm not sure if I've found the right dose of Synthroid or vitamin D, or because I'm eating differently and have more energy throughout the day.  No matter, I'm going to ride … Continue reading One Workout Away

Can’t Live Without This Ingredient

Recently, I've jumped on the Paleo bandwagon.  In an effort to eat foods that will actually help me to feel better, the Paleo approach seems to be one that I can live with; and is not that far off from what I enjoy eating anyway.  Of course, for me, the biggest challenge is that I … Continue reading Can’t Live Without This Ingredient

Weight Watchers Can be Fun!

I've battled my weight for years, or more to the point, it's battled with me.  I've lost, gained, lost, gained, lost, gained, hundreds of pounds.  I know that I'm not unlike thousands of women in the world. I've tried everything, again like most people, who've played the weight loss roulette. I have to admit though … Continue reading Weight Watchers Can be Fun!