Can’t Live Without This Ingredient

practical paleoRecently, I’ve jumped on the Paleo bandwagon.  In an effort to eat foods that will actually help me to feel better, the Paleo approach seems to be one that I can live with; and is not that far off from what I enjoy eating anyway.  Of course, for me, the biggest challenge is that I love a good treat–cookie, brownie, you know, the good stuff.

My new can’t-live-without magic ingredient is coconut oil.  It’s all over the Paleo cookbooks and recipes I’ve found on Pinterest.   It’s also been a big cause for conversation on the Thyca Survivors Facebook page.  The number of survivors who are now “swearing by it” for improving their energy levels, numbers in the hundreds!  I put it in my breakfast smoothies, and on days that I don’t use it– I can feel  it.

against all grainThis whole change is thanks to my sister, Jen.  A long-time gluten-free eater, she’s been a bit of a guru for healthy eating for my sisters and me.  Not that we all are using the Paleo approach, but Jen is always willing to share her expertise, tips and suggestions to help us feel better…and hopefully, live longer.  A few years ago she even served as our very own weight watchers leader for a Saturday morning meeting!

girlsUntil I bought my copy of the Practical Paleo cookbook, Jen loaned me hers; highlighting the areas that she thought I’d benefit from most.  A section on thyroid health was flagged with a bright sticky note, as well as many of the recipes she’d successfully tried.   Before Jen introduced me to Paleo, I thought coconut oil was just an ingredient in body lotions.  I never would have thought about using it in kitchen.

Today’s thank you goes out to my sister, Jen.  In so many ways, always looking out for us!  Love you!

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