Can’t Live Without This Ingredient

Recently, I've jumped on the Paleo bandwagon.  In an effort to eat foods that will actually help me to feel better, the Paleo approach seems to be one that I can live with; and is not that far off from what I enjoy eating anyway.  Of course, for me, the biggest challenge is that I … Continue reading Can’t Live Without This Ingredient

Be a Good Girl and Do What the Doctor Says

Be a good patient and just do what the doctor tells you.  For some reason, I've always believed that the doctor knows best.  If the doc says to do something, I do it; the white coat and pretty diploma from the prestigious medical school, are indications that they know what they're doing--at least more than … Continue reading Be a Good Girl and Do What the Doctor Says

Happiness Is A Choice

I was trolling my Facebook news feed looking for some inspiration for today's post.  The past several days have seen an uptick in the number of posts to the Thyroid Cancer Survivors page; a page that I follow, being a survivor and all.  Holidays for so many people are more chore than cheer, and it … Continue reading Happiness Is A Choice