Happiness Is A Choice

I was trolling my Facebook news feed looking for some inspiration for today’s post.  The past several days have seen an uptick in the number of posts to the Thyroid Cancer Survivors page; a page that I follow, being a survivor and all.  Holidays for so many people are more chore than cheer, and it makes me sad to read of so many people struggling; either with their diagnosis, treatment, or both.

I’ve made an effort to post some positive thoughts and comments on the page; suggestions of what worked for me and how I’ve coped.  I have been lucky enough to not have some of the debilitating side effects I’ve been reading about.  My family was supportive and present throughout my diagnosis and treatment, and they continue to provide an incredible source of joy for me.  I’ve had good and affordable healthcare and I like my doc.  Much of what I’ve read is a complete 180 from what I experienced.

I will not minimize my struggles along the way, there is no such thing as a “good cancer”; however, comparatively speaking, I’ve had a relatively easy time of the thyroid cancer.  Not unlike others who face a cancer diagnosis,  I have to be reminded regularly that the choice to be happy, healthy and whole, is one we have to make every day.

A high school and Facebook friend, Jon, posted this earlier.  When I saw and I thought, okay, I’m done; this needs to be my post for the day.   So today’s shout-out of thanks, goes to Jon!

If you haven’t already done so today, be grateful and thank someone in your life!


gratitude ziglar

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