Wish Lists and Holiday Dreams, Update!

I first posted this on November 18th at that beginning of the Spirit of Giving Holiday Drive at Children’s Friend.  I want to thank the hundreds of people, businesses, and community groups who helped to meet our goal of serving 1,200 families throughout Rhode Island.  It was amazing!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank  you, Thank you!

Christmas kids 1In 2011 our grandchildren lived with us during the holiday season.  As December approached the kids were bombarded, like any kid who watches TV, with commercials that would let them know what to ask Santa to bring them.  On Saturday morning I would hear Coco’s little voice after each ad for a new doll or pillow pet, “Santa, please bring me that.”  Finally, I told her that Santa couldn’t bring everything, and she’d have to narrow it down.

Im a princessMy sisters and brothers all wanted to know what they could do for the kids that year; they wanted to make sure Izzy, Kash and Coco a Christmas they wouldn’t forget.  Boy, did they!  I would say that everything on their wish lists was under the tree when, wide-eyed and so excited their fingers were shaking, they came walking into the living room.  The rip stick, guitar, play kitchen, new baby doll, princess dress up clothes, and legos, legos, more legos; were unwrapped and paper strewn across the floor.

The Annual Holiday Drive is underway where I work and it got me to thinking about what my family did for the grandkids.  Without their help there is no way we could have done it on our own.  The thanks today is extended to my brothers and sisters for making the Christmas of 2011 amazing!

hdbannerI know that there are hundreds of kids out there that don’t have the chance for even some of their most basic Christmas wishes to come true.  If you’re in a position to help a child or family this holiday season, check out the Children’s Friend Annual Holiday Drive in Memory of Joe Silva.  We’re hoping to serve 1,200 families this year, and we’ll do it!

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