Weight Watchers Can be Fun!

imagesCA2IJ1DCI’ve battled my weight for years, or more to the point, it’s battled with me.  I’ve lost, gained, lost, gained, lost, gained, hundreds of pounds.  I know that I’m not unlike thousands of women in the world. I’ve tried everything, again like most people, who’ve played the weight loss roulette. I have to admit though that one of the most enjoyable, if you can call it that, was Weight Watchers.

On Saturday mornings, in order to get to the 8:30 am meeting, Steve and I would rally out of bed, hop into the truck and head to the Weight Watchers store front location.  We’d weigh-in, fill out our name tags and find our set near the back of the room.  Steve was in the habit of creating a name other than his own to put on the name tag.  Here’s one, what do you think:  Ben Dover (what you do when you’re exercising).  It became a running joke with the group leader, every week she’d look to the back row and ask who come to visit this week.  After a brief laugh we’d get down to business.

The group leader was Ann Marie.  Her meetings were always full; packed in fact.  If you didn’t get there early enough you were relegated to the seats on the outside edge of the room and near the front.  Every week a recipe was written out clearly on the big chart pad in the front of the room, and those of us interested would frantically be writing it down before the lecture began.

imagesCAWTP08XBy far though, the best part of the meeting was when Ann Marie would share her stack of wrappers, boxes, bags, all emptied of their contents.  It was her product recommendations.  She tried things throughout the week and would tell us about the pro’s and con’s of each.  We’d also be given the best location to find the product at the best price.  It was great!

cup and spoonAnn Marie made Weight Watchers meetings, and even the process of measuring and counting and journaling, bearable; even enjoyable.  And while I haven’t gone back to a Weight Watchers meeting in years, I do remember the lessons learned…for the most part.  Thanks, Ann Marie!

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