Go You Chicken Fat, Go!

Have you seen the recent commercial for the new iPhone, the one that shows a bunch of people doing all sorts of exercising.  It has a rousing rendition of  the somewhat patriotic song "Go You Chicken Fat, Go!"  When I first heard it I was shocked, how could this be...the song that was the bane … Continue reading Go You Chicken Fat, Go!

Take Charge, Today

After my recent annual check-up I decided that it's time. Time to take control, permanently, of what, when, how, how much and why I eat. Today after work I visited a medical weight loss practice.  An interesting approach, there is a primary care doc whose specialty is bariatric medicine, two nutritionists, two PA's and two … Continue reading Take Charge, Today

Mirror, Mirror

I've been really diggin' on the writing prompts from the Daily Press. I'm finding it so helpful to have a place to start. So, on to the writing subject of the day: Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside?    Lately, I don't look into mirrors, I avoid … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

Weight Watchers Can be Fun!

I've battled my weight for years, or more to the point, it's battled with me.  I've lost, gained, lost, gained, lost, gained, hundreds of pounds.  I know that I'm not unlike thousands of women in the world. I've tried everything, again like most people, who've played the weight loss roulette. I have to admit though … Continue reading Weight Watchers Can be Fun!

I Know HOW to Lose the Weight, Now to Do It (Again)

In 1999 I signed up for a weight loss study; a 2-year endeavor that involved calorie counting and mandatory exercise. The study was sponsored by a local university and was medically supervised. Study participants had to agree to eat a specified number of calories a day and exercise the compulsory number of minutes per week. There … Continue reading I Know HOW to Lose the Weight, Now to Do It (Again)