Go You Chicken Fat, Go!

Have you seen the recent commercial for the new iPhone, the one that shows a bunch of people doing all sorts of exercising.  It has a rousing rendition of  the somewhat patriotic song “Go You Chicken Fat, Go!”  When I first heard it I was shocked, how could this be…the song that was the bane of my elementary school physical education career!  Did you know it was meant to motivate the country back in 1961 when President Kennedy announced it as a youth fitness program?

I’ve struggled for most of my life with weight issues.  I’ve gained and lost and lost and gained for well in excess of 40 years, and so many pounds I’ve lost count.  I’ve exercised and enjoyed it.  I’ve exercised and been in complete agony afterward. Recently, I’m back on my exercise track and am finding it somewhere between agony and bliss, all the while I can hear that song in the background, even if there is other music in my ears.

A song that caused panic in my 9-year old heart when I’d hear the first few bars, has somehow flipped the switch in my brain.  Now I hear it and feel the motivation that I’m sure was intended by our “gym” teacher back in 1971.   Our sense memories are amazing, aren’t they?

So today, I thank Mr. Glue for introducing me to a song, that after all these years no longer causes a rallying cry over my body image; rather, it is my rallying cry for a renewed commitment to my health and fitness.


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