I Know HOW to Lose the Weight, Now to Do It (Again)

Schwinn-820p-Treadmill-300x270In 1999 I signed up for a weight loss study; a 2-year endeavor that involved calorie counting and mandatory exercise. The study was sponsored by a local university and was medically supervised. Study participants had to agree to eat a specified number of calories a day and exercise the compulsory number of minutes per week. There was the requisite daily food journal to keep, and the study even gave us a beautiful treadmill–one I certainly couldn’t have afforded myself. In two years I lost 60 pounds and vastly improved my cardiovascular capacity and bone density. It was all good.portion-control3

Subsequently, as life got more hectic and the challenges more fierce, the weight’s found its way back to my body. (It had help. It didn’t just appear there overnight.) So what is a girl to do?

weight-lossWell, I’ve broken out the binder I was given back then by Dr. J., the study’s principal investigator. Reviewed the guidelines for what to eat, the amount to eat and when to eat. Also, I’ve brought our elliptical trainer up from the basement and put it in the living room so that it is no longer a dust collector. With quite a bit of encouragement and support from Dr. J and the staff of the study, I learned what to do many years ago. Now, thanks to the easy to understand and proven methods, it’s time to get back on track and live the life I know will keep me healthy.


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