Retreat, Retreat!

Today I had a retreat with some of my staff.  I try to do this kind of day-long event at least once a year, for each group that reports to me.  It’s a chance for us to come together to share ideas, develop some answers, and identify challenges.  I love these kind of days because they can be so energizing. Although we often generate enough ideas that we could retreat over every Friday for the next few months, and still not necessarily have all the answers.

Professional-developmentThe team is a threesome; they are a balance of skill, commitment and enthusiasm.  I often find myself in awe of what they can accomplish in terms of the scope of work they are expected to deliver:  professional development opportunities for a staff of 360 people, and, providing trainings for our community partners.  They do the scheduling, planning and plotting, for year-round training to meet everyone’s needs.  I have been particularly impressed with how they have engaged high quality trainers in the mission of our agency; so much so, that the trainers often come back time and again to work with our staff!

Not every non-profit agency, or for-profit company for that matter, continues to invest in staff by dedicating three full-time staff to the work.  We recognize how unique we are in that respect and I think it makes the work of this team even more remarkable.  The other thing they do really well is make each other laugh. It’s a team that is great at living out the expression:  “many hands make light work”.  Each of them is a leader both in the agency and in our community work.

Today I’m thanking my Professional Development team for their dedication to excellence!

2 thoughts on “Retreat, Retreat!

  1. Wow! What kind words to say, Miss Kelly! But we couldn’t do it without YOU and your perceptive leadership!!!!!
    —-Mr. Chris


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