Say Please, Say Thank You

It doesn't seem a difficult thing to do to thank someone.  I find it funny that it doesn't happen more often--or, at least I don't hear it.  As a manager, regardless of where I've worked, I've always been in the habit of saying thank you to the people who work with me.  I do it … Continue reading Say Please, Say Thank You


I don't know why it's on my mind today, but I was thinking about who might not get thanked in a blog like mine. I mean, my subtitle is about saying thank you to people who've helped me along my path, so it makes sense that I might focus on people who were positive and … Continue reading Pedestals

Retreat, Retreat!

Today I had a retreat with some of my staff.  I try to do this kind of day-long event at least once a year, for each group that reports to me.  It's a chance for us to come together to share ideas, develop some answers, and identify challenges.  I love these kind of days because … Continue reading Retreat, Retreat!

Each One, Teach One

I'm a bit of a facilitation junkie. I love watching A-ha moments happen for individuals and groups. Just about every time I'm asked to facilitate, I say yes! It's actually quite a privilege to be invited into a group's work to support them moving through a learning or change process. Facilitation is not for the … Continue reading Each One, Teach One