Say Please, Say Thank You


It doesn’t seem a difficult thing to do to thank someone.  I find it funny that it doesn’t happen more often–or, at least I don’t hear it.  As a manager, regardless of where I’ve worked, I’ve always been in the habit of saying thank you to the people who work with me.  I do it almost daily.

I found when I first started my current job, that it was a surprise for many of my staff to hear it…”thanks”.  We’d finish a supervision session and as the person left my office I’d say, “thank you”.  The first few times, one of these folks would turn back around, look at me and say, “what for?”  Cheerfully, I would look at them and say, “for taking the time to meet with me, for doing such great work, thanks.  I appreciate it.”

It’s also curious to me that I seldom hear people say thank you to store clerks, letter carriers, bus drivers, the oil delivery guy, generally anyone in a service industry.   A while back my mom told me about a book, Say Please, Say Thank You by David McCullough.

I thanked my staff today.  I sent it to them via email as a Thanksgiving greeting, including the graphic I have in this post.  Many of them will be on vacation next week and I wanted them to know, I appreciate what they do and how they do it. Their dedication to excellence is unmatched.

If you don’t already, try sometime to thank someone you don’t usually.  You may think, well it’s their job; I shouldn’t have to thank someone for doing their job.  Maybe you don’t have to, but I’ll tell you what; if you do, not only will you make them feel better, you’re going to find there’s a smile on your face too!

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