Mothers Day Blues

I've always looked forward to Mother's Day.  It's a time we celebrate my Mom, what's better than that?  She's raised eight children, mother-in-law to eight, grand-mothered another 20+, and is a great-grandmother, too.  Each of us have a different and special relationship with her, so celebrating her on Mother's Day is a no-brainer! Having always … Continue reading Mothers Day Blues

The Luckiest Person, Me!

The prompt today encourages bloggers to write about the first person we saw today.  The first person I see every day is my husband and while I love him to pieces, I'm going to put my own spin on the Luckiest People topic.   The second person this morning I interacted with is a Facebook friend.  … Continue reading The Luckiest Person, Me!

A Neighborhood Diaper Drive

I was perusing my photos today, looking for one something in particular, but instead I came across these. I thought they might make a nice addition to this week's Photo Challenge:  Community.  Last year, my husband and I wanted to do something for the Holiday Drive at Children's Friend (in Providence), but we weren't in a … Continue reading A Neighborhood Diaper Drive

Hand-Me-Downs, Rock!

Today I spent time, finally, making the complete switch in the closet from summer/fall clothes to winter.  It's a less than enjoyable process for me, frankly.  I am forced to look at things I've outgrown (and not necessarily in a good way) as I try to live by the rule "If I haven't worn it in … Continue reading Hand-Me-Downs, Rock!