The Luckiest Person, Me!

The prompt today encourages bloggers to write about the first person we saw today.  The first person I see every day is my husband and while I love him to pieces, I’m going to put my own spin on the Luckiest People topic.   The second person this morning I interacted with is a Facebook friend. 

Erik was an AmeriCorps member for two years in the program that I ran several years ago.  He’s married now with two young children.  He’s experienced ups and downs–some that would have completely undone other men.  What strikes me most when I read his posts, is how they are overwhelmingly faith-filled and honest.   I doubt anyone who knows him is surprised by my observation.

Erik familyI read his post today about marriage, he wrote: Each marriage needs to discover the rhythms of their own, and Jessy and I are daily learning that. It gets confusing whenever anyone says that they know THE RIGHT WAY, or BEST way, or GOD’S WAY, simply because those are seldom ever absolute truths.  He also provided a link to a blog that caused him to write his Facebook post today: Decision Making and Mutual Submission in Marriage.

As I often do, I gave his post the “thumbs-up” and liked it.  I shut my laptop cover down and went about my day.  After unloading the shopping bags and putting the weekly grocery haul away, I checked my phone and looked at Facebook.  In the “notifications” bubble it showed that Erik had mentioned me in a post.  Here’s what I read:

@ Kelly: have you ever written about this topic? You are one of my greatest role models, and I was often inspired by your leadership gift when I served with you. I know you’ve earned wisdom over the years in this beautiful mess.

At a time when I will soon embark on a new responsibilities in my job, I find myself  feeling a bit unsure about my leadership capacity.  I read this–it couldn’t have come at a better time for me!  I’ll answer your post sometime soon, Erik; but today, today YOU made me feel like one of the Luckiest People in the world.  Thanks!

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