The Luckiest Person, Me!

The prompt today encourages bloggers to write about the first person we saw today.  The first person I see every day is my husband and while I love him to pieces, I'm going to put my own spin on the Luckiest People topic.   The second person this morning I interacted with is a Facebook friend.  … Continue reading The Luckiest Person, Me!

Eight Years Ago, Today

This might be one of the easiest blog posts I've done over the 115 days I've been posting.  Today is my wedding anniversary.  I got married eight years ago, I was 42 years old (yes, that makes me 50 this year). We shared our wedding day with everyone in this picture.  More than just that one … Continue reading Eight Years Ago, Today

Life: B.S.

That is, Before Steve, not the other B.S. you were probably thinking when you saw this title. My husband, Steve, would very much like to believe that I had no life (read: love life) before I met him. Sometimes he also likes to think when he shares a fun fact with me, like "Did you … Continue reading Life: B.S.