Eight Years Ago, Today

This might be one of the easiest blog posts I’ve done over the 115 days I’ve been posting.  Today is my wedding anniversary.  I got married eight years ago, I was 42 years old (yes, that makes me 50 this year).

We shared our wedding day with everyone in this picture.  More than just that one day, I can honestly say that many if not all, of these people, have in some way played a role in the life Steve and I have created as a married couple.  For their love on the day we married and the support they’ve shown us for the past 2,920 days, THANK YOU!

Wedding Day Clan2

2 thoughts on “Eight Years Ago, Today

  1. Congrats on your happy marriage. And if you and your husband have “a song,” I’d love to have you share it (along with a little bit about why it’s important) in the “Readers’ Songs” section of the blog I’m doing as a surprise for my wife for our 33rd anniversary.


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