15 pounds of carrots, done!

Every year for more than a few, the evening before Thanksgiving some of us girls gather for a gab-fest, glass of wine, and listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack.  Our purpose for getting together is to peel the vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner.  How many  pounds of potatoes and carrots are peeled depends entirely on how many people are expected.  How much wine we drink while peeling….depends entirely on how much we have to talk about; or as it turns out tonight, how tired we are–we didn’t drink tonight for fear of falling asleep while peeling!

This year, one of the bigger in recent years, there will be thirty people for dinner.  For the most part everyone at the table is somehow related to one and other; if not by blood, by the fact that for the past twenty-five years the dining table at Linden Street, is where Thanksgiving happens.   Sue and Paul are lovely and brilliant hosts.  Conversation is lively and engaging, and there is at least one full dessert for each person who has a seat.

As the blessing is said, we’re reminded of the sorrows, joys, challenges and successes of the previous year.  This year there is so much to be grateful for and it is difficult to pick just one.  So, I’ll pick two that I know as a family we are grateful for this year!!  Liam and Lilyanna!

liam walk
Liam makes great “strides” in school!
Miss Lily
Sandra and AJ welcome Lily to the family!

2 thoughts on “Peel-a-PaLooza

  1. […] My post about Thanksgiving probably best describes my favorite holiday–Thanksgiving.  The food, the family, the laughter, all makes it worth the price of admission; which for me is a cheesecake and a vegetable side dish.  Over the years children have grown and had their own children, and every year it’s about a week in advance before we really are sure how many places to set. […]


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