Mothers Day Blues

mom and cocoI’ve always looked forward to Mother’s Day.  It’s a time we celebrate my Mom, what’s better than that?  She’s raised eight children, mother-in-law to eight, grand-mothered another 20+, and is a great-grandmother, too.  Each of us have a different and special relationship with her, so celebrating her on Mother’s Day is a no-brainer!

Having always wanted children of my own, Mother’s Day can also be a real downer.  My challenges with infertility, miscarriage, and our grandchildren moving back to Arizona; are parts of my life I continue to struggle with, often.  I could have predicted this week with Mother’s Day looming, that the 50-minute hour in therapy would be chock full of feelings!

I follow a blog by Seth Adam Smith: Seeking the Northern Lights of Life.  Today as a scrolled down Reader I read a blog today that really hit home for me:  To Women Who Dread Mother’s Day.  I felt like this was written for me today, the universe knowing I needed to see these words, read them and let them sink in.

Today’s thank you goes out to Seth Adam Smith for beautifully acknowledging women “who are mothers of many!”


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