There’s Nothing Like the Library

I loved to read when I was a kid and that hasn’t diminished too much into my adulthood. I haven’t jumped on the e-reader bandwagon just yet though I know so many people really enjoy using them. I downloaded the Kindle Reader to my laptop only so I could download and read my friend Martha’s books. For me there’s something about holding a book, trying to make the pages stay open when you’re reading in bed, balancing the book between your fingers and up against the quilt as its pulled up to my chin. Perusing the tables of recent releases or unique finds at a local or big chain bookstore is as relaxing as it is exciting for me.

My love of reading was instilled at quite a young age. When we were little girls my mom took us to the Warwick Public Library on Sandy Lane for “story time”, where Mrs. Forsstrom would read a new book each time we went. I’m sure I don’t remember the books exactly, but I do remember the excitement I felt about going to the library. As we got older we were able to get our own library card, which back then were little rectangles made of yellow oak tag paper. They were forever misplaced or mistakenly left in the “due date” pocket on the book jacket when it was returned.

mrs forstromAs we outgrew story time there were always summer reading lists and contests. I so enjoyed reading a book and then going to stand in front of Mrs. Forsstrom in the Children’s Room to report to her what the book was about; in return I would get a little foil star to put on whatever chart she’d created that summer for showing off our hard work. I remember choosing books and going to Mrs. Forsstrom to “check them out”, if she thought you could read more difficult books she’d go so far as to not let you check out and easy one.

Mrs. Forsstrom passed away a few years ago. Although I hadn’t seen her in years, the picture with obituary was exactly who I remembered. I’m not sure if she had a Kindle herself, but I like to imagine that she didn’t, she seemed to so love books!

Thanks, Mrs. Forsstrom!

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