It’s Movie Night

herbieWho doesn’t enjoy the movies?  From the time I was young and the family would pile into the Chevy station wagon to head to the drive-in on a summer weekend night, I’ve loved seeing movies on the big screen. The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes, Herbie the Love Bug, Mary Poppins, all seen on the wide open screen from the back of the car in our pj’s.  And, long before George Clooney was THE actor I dreamed about, it was a very young Kurt Russell who had to be seen!

kurt russelNowadays, going to the movies can be a bit more of an undertaking.  Tickets, popcorn, soda, candy…and that’s just in the lobby.  The multitude of film choices, oh my!  Always something good to see. On my list to see in the next couple of weeks:  Saving Mr. Banks, Grudge Match, and August: Osage County.  Three movies that couldn’t be more different, I’m sure!

alisonI don’t go as often as I like to, but when I do go, I call my niece Alison first!  I don’t like to take advantage of the fact that she works at a local Showcase movie theater.  However, when there’s a movie that must be seen on the big screen, in the dark, with surround sound that makes lose yourself in space and time…well, let me just say:  Thanks, Alison!  Talk to you soon!!

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