Halfway Home, Almost

I’m close to the halfway mark of my 365 daily Thank You’s.  When I started back in August, I had no idea that writing on a daily basis would be as challenging as it’s been.  Initially, it was easy to think of the thank you’s, I’d generated a list to help me.  Some of the people on the list I intend to thank on specific days of the year, leaving all the other days to come up with something to write.  This past week I relied heavily on The Daily Post at WordPress to help me out, to prompt my thinking. Now, I sit hoping for a bolt of lightning to strike. 

Here it comes…I’m Halfway Home!  Well, almost.  I know that 182-ish is half of 365, but I’m feeling okay with the reference today, having completed 176 posts (which includes this one).  I wasn’t sure when I started if I could actually continue past thirty consecutive days.  After two months, I got to thinking that a daily post is a dose of crazy and I should have committed to once a week.  But I continued, somehow, every day to write something to express my thanks to people and, in essence, to the universe for this life I’ve been given. 

So today, to thank everyone who has read, commented, liked, shared, encouraged, I’d like you to enjoy Tommy Emmanuel’s musical piece:  Halfway Home.  Please keep reading and enjoying, and, thank you!

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