Birthdays Are When I Miss Them Most

Im a princessToday is Coco’s birthday, she is 8!  I miss her, beyond my imagination some days.  We celebrated Coco’s fifth birthday when she was living with us; a dinner at Red Robin (Yum!), cupcakes at her preschool, and generally loving on her as much as we could.  I miss her brother and sister, too! I hope that they all have good memories of their time here and think about it often.  I’m grateful I had the chance to be their full-time Grandma for as long as they were here in Rhode Island.  Hopefully, some day very soon, their mom will let us know how they are doing, but for now I have the memories we created with them to fill my heart.

first day of school 2011Christmas kids 1Surrounded by bottom feedersat the zoo w cousins 2Coco eggIn grandma's shoesPlease say yes

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