Do What You Love

do what you loveA couple of months ago I started a new job; same place different responsibilities. The staff that’s new to me is amazing. They are smart and talented, and patient…very patient with me as I learn the in’s and out’s of daily life in the Human Resources world.

Intuitively, I’ve got it going on when it comes to dealing with the “humans” and it’s the part of the work I enjoy most. Coaching supervisors and managers gives me a real charge. When I hear back from them about their successes, it keeps me going! The Resources side of things, the regulatory or legal requirements, I’m learning. Thankfully, I am a quick study and know how to navigate the information super highway to find the answers I need.

It will clearly take some time, certainly more than eight weeks, to get to know the job, but I know I’ll continue to love it. Today’s thanks goes out to my new team in the HR office — for all they do and all I’ve yet to learn from them!!


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2 thoughts on “Do What You Love

  1. It’s wonderful when we can not only enjoy what we do but also know that we can be of use to others also. Congrats and I hope you continue to thrive.


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