100 Days to Go, I Can’t Believe It!

This is it, the homestretch.  I've blogged for 265 days.  There are days when I've posted more than once because I got into the Weekly Photo Challenge; and have enjoyed adding to my repertoire. I'll admit it hasn't been easy--and I've surprised myself.  Maximizing the writing prompts that are offered every day by Word Press has helped … Continue reading 100 Days to Go, I Can’t Believe It!

That Drives Me Crazy

What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening? Less of a habit, and hopefully, more a misunderstanding of the English language, it makes me crazy when people use words incorrectly or use the incorrect word. I'm not talking about people whose second language is English; it's presumably well-read and smart people … Continue reading That Drives Me Crazy

205 Days Down, 160 To Go

I've blogged faithfully for 205 consecutive days; missing only one day, but felt that was okay since I'd posted twice the day before. There are 160 days and 160 posts left to meet my goal of 365 Daily Thank You's. My husband said to me yesterday,  he thinks my writing has changed since the first … Continue reading 205 Days Down, 160 To Go