205 Days Down, 160 To Go

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I’ve blogged faithfully for 205 consecutive days; missing only one day, but felt that was okay since I’d posted twice the day before. There are 160 days and 160 posts left to meet my goal of 365 Daily Thank You’s.

My husband said to me yesterday,  he thinks my writing has changed since the first post on August 12, 2013.  I have worked to refine my style and voice. I find in some of my posts, I can create a richer picture of what moves me to express my gratitude.  When other bloggers share comments or link their blog to one of my posts, it motivates me to continue.

Today, someone asked me if I get “lots of comments” on my blog.  I told her, “No, and that’s not a big deal.  It makes me feel good when what I’ve written causes someone I don’t know in the “real” world, to be moved enough to send a note about it.”

So today, I’m going to thank the people who read every day and those of you who have left the 465 comments over the last 205 days.  Some of you I know personally, some of you I don’t.  For all of you and future readers,  I will do my best for the next 160 days to continue to improve my writing and share my gratitude.

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