A Reception

reception windoHave you ever been to a doctor’s office, approached the reception desk, and felt as though you were imposing on the person behind the desk?  Especially if there is a glass partition between you and the person who’s meant to be greeting you.  Honestly, the time spent waiting your turn when a doc is running behind schedule can be difficult enough; having a cranky pants receptionist does not help.

I’m lucky.  For the most part, the doctors I see have efficient, kind and friendly front desk staff.  Even my GP’s office, with a waiting room always busting at the seams with patients, does a very good job of greeting and attending to the masses waiting to see the 4 docs or 2 physicians’ assistants.

The staff I’m most impressed with, by far, is in my endocrinologist’s office, most especially Melissa.  Like my primary care doc, this office is never empty.  I’ve had the first appointment of the day as well mid afternoon slots, and there is always a full house.  There is a bank of windows that separates the waiting room from the 6 assistants to the docs, each with a panel of glass that slides to one side so you can speak with them. 

Melissa is never cranky.  She greets everyone with the same light smile and quiet voice, as she slides the glass open; “Good to see you again, Kelly.  How have you been feeling?”  Hundreds of patients a week cycle through the burnt umber colored waiting room, and Melissa never fails to meet me with the same caring approach.  I feel tended to even when she calls me to follow-up on an appointment. Her patience is quite remarkable.

It can’t be easy managing impatient patients and demanding doctors.  The next time you go to a doctor’s appointment and you have the pleasure of dealing with someone like Melissa, thank him or her.  I do!

Waiting Rooms:

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