Izadora’s Birthday

Thanks to all our family and friends who helped us when the kids were here and since they’ve left!

3 Grandchildren, 2 Grandparents, 2 Cats

Even though the kids went back to Arizona two years ago, I find birthdays and holidays still difficult.  Their mom decided that she doesn’t want us to have contact with them.  I understand why, in her mind, it’s better for us to not be communicating with the kids, but of course I don’t agree.

wow look at all these legos!Until this past July I was able to send packages and cards to them, but the last one came back as undeliverable.  The reason from UPS was that they couldn’t find a forwarding address.  Clearly, their mom is making every effort to make sure we cannot reach the kids in any way at all. I know it sounds sad and, it is.  I imagine it is sad and confusing for the kids, too.

izzy as KatyToday is Izadora’s fourteenth birthday.  We miss her and love her very much, and find comfort that we have pictures and memories of her time with us. …

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