Wall of Hope

woh1One of the most stunning tributes in Rhode Island to the events of that day is the Wall of Hope.  Any Rhode Islander who wanted to add a tile to the wall had the chance to.  It started with groups of school children and quickly mushroomed to include all kinds of groups: social, faith-based, schools, businesses.

woh2On 9-11-01, I was the director of a spectacular group of AmeriCorps members.  Average citizens who were moved in some way to volunteer a year of their lives to serving their community.  Like many groups of people who worked together every day, the events of 9-11 brought us together differently.  Already committed to community service, this group of people was driven to go beyond daily expectations, their response to the call for participation in the Wall of Hope was amazing.  Of the 10,000+ Rhode Islanders who created tiles for the Wall, Kelly's Americorps1the AmeriCorps team I worked with engaged over 3,000 people in the process–which earns them today’s THANK YOU!

Woh3The beautiful tribute to the lives lost, reluctant heroes, and hope for the future, lines Providence’s River Walk and several city streets.  If you get to Rhode Island some day, it’s worth seeing!

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